Thursday, January 3, 2008

Good to know people

Yes, it is very good to know "people".....the kind you hear about in movies...."I'll have my people call your people"....

My now x-roomie has a friend in the housing business who has said "Hey, call this guy ....he'll get you a good deal".

Hopefully today I'll give him a call and wham bam thanky ma'm I'll have a new heat pump on the way and save some cha-ching!!

Funny thing is I work in the building business myself and couldn't get this deal with my connections even.

It is good to know people.



luddie343 said...

Who do we really know for sure, eh?  No, I agree, very good to "have your people" and just know there's a team supporting you, a melange of friends who'll be there, ready to listen, to help, and to ask nothing of you, nothing, liking you JUST AS YOU ARE.  If you can count one, you're ahead.  Count me.  CATHY

gaboatman said...

Yes, it's good to "know people."  So many times in my life major things happened for the positive not because of what I knew, but "who" I knew.  Hoping you get that heat pump installed quickly.